Emotional eating is a multi-faceted and often complex pattern of behavior, so there is no “one” magic solution.  When you take a holistic approach to end emotional eating however, you can lose weight and keep it off for good. 

Emotional eating is often a coping mechanism used to avoid dealing with emotions, such as grief, anxiety, lonliness or boredom.  So, in order to end emotional eating you need to learn how to identify and process your feelings.

Then there’s the behavioral component of emotional eating; the repetition of emotional eating, over time, turns it into a bad habit.   All too often this “bad habit” is unconsious.  Meaning you are not really very aware of when, where or why you are eating.

Like any bad habit, emotional eating can not be eliminated.  You must replace it instead.

Here’s a simplified snapshot of how I can help you end your emotional eating in our coaching sessions:

  1. Gather information: Using a specially designed log to track important information, the first step is to gather information about your emotional eating.
  2. Analyze the information gathered to increase awareness:  Where and when do you emotionally eat?  Why do you eat?  What are your triggers?  What purposes does eating serve for you?  Is food comfort?  Does it alleviate boredom?  Is it your reward?
  3. Use behavioral modification: Next, using all the information you’ve gathered about your emotional eating, we create strategies to replace your emotional eating with new and healthier behaviors.
  4. Make helpful environmental changes: We set you up for success by creating a supportive environment at home, at work, within relationships and when you are out socially.
  5. Identify and process through your emotions without using food.  Using various counseling techniques you can heal through past grief, including inner child and/or family of origin wounds that may be related to your emotional eating.
  6. Utilize CBT, Hypnosis and/or meditation to assist with your specific goals.
    • Meditation can decrease your anxiety that leads to emotional eating and increase mindful eating
    • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) will help you change your thoughts that lead to anxiety or depression
    • Hypnosis will allow your unconscious to help support your behavior changes

If you’re ready to put an end to your emotional eating and learn how to lose weight for good, sign up for your free discovery phone call today!

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